BioSan Waste Treatment Card



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What does it do?

BioSan is a natural anti-microbial product that houses Vapour Phase technology to eradicate viruses and pathogens within waste units.

The Dual Action Vapour Phase technology not only destroys harmful pathogens protecting human health but also contains powerful odour neutrilisers creating a sweet fragrance to prevent offensive smells developing at the source.

Why use it?

Perfect for use in lateral flow test disposal bins. The BioSan protects against harmful pathogenic organisms such as Coronavirus, helping to keep your business and employees safe.

The BioSan showcases

Effective treatment of hazardous sanitary waste in both lined and unlined bins

Ease of use – simply place the BioSan in to a unit

Eco Friendly – All elements of the product are made from natural materials including the card carrier.
Ecomonical – 1 card per unit for 30 days The Natural Solution

The BioSan is derived from sustainable materials that are environmentally friendly. The cards also have low lignin content resulting in greater biodegradability over a shorter time frame. Making disposal easier, safer and smarter.

BioSan in Action

Standard waste bins are ineffective at killing bacteria and viruses within, enabling large scale microbial build up which increases the risk of contamination and health risks.

BioSan’s vapour phase action enables effective antiviral and antibacterial diffusion throughout the entire area neutrilising pathogens.

The vapour phase remains continually active for 30 days, filling the area, preventing microbial pathogens and leaving a pleasant smell.

Product Efficacy
The BioSan has been subjected to unique tests to prove it’s efficacy. Passing EN1276, EN13697, EN14476 and EN14885 standards.

The graph to the right showcases the 3 anti-microbial activity of a BioSan during 4 weeks of use inside waste units. The tests were conducted on a standard disinfectant 1 test strain.

The vapour eradicates 99.999% (5 log reduction) of bacteria and remains effective until it’s end of life.


The active ingredients in the BioSan have been proven to be an effective anti-viral agent.
Independent test data shows that it is effective against 99.99% of viruses including:
Coronavirus Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis C virus HIV


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